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New bridge could increase walking and cycling

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The Green Party has urged Belfast City Council to apply for EU funding for a foot and cycle bridge over the River Lagan to connect the Gasworks and the Ormeau Road.

South Belfast Green Party chairperson Adam McGibbon said: “I am supporting the Belfast Cycle City Campaign for a new bridge because it would connect the two cycle paths on both sides of the river and help cyclists avoid the busy Albert Bridge and Ormeau Bridge, which only have narrow footpaths.

“We must constantly strive to improve our cycling facilities. Many benefits come with cycling, it helps cut traffic congestion, reduces air pollution and most importantly it keeps people healthy.”

Mr. McGibbon continued: “Belfast City Council needs to create a ten year cycle strategy. With the right political will at least ten percent of all journeys in Belfast could be by bike by 2020.”

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One thought on “New bridge could increase walking and cycling

  1. Would a line on the Ormeau Bridge outline a cycle path make more sense. With European funding being used to widen access to the Lgan corridor in other areas?

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