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Minister must listen to residents on airport

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North Down Green Party spokesperson Steven Agnew

The Green Party has called on the Department of the Environment to listen to the residents of North Down and Belfast who live near the George Best Belfast City Airport and who are opposing proposals to increase the number of flights there and extend a runway.

The issue of low-flying air traffic and the accompanying noise pollution has been one of the most recurring grievances among residents canvassed by the South Belfast Green Party, and such measures would undoubtedly exacerbate the problem.

Green Party North Down spokesperson Steven Agnew said: “The lives of the people of Holywood and South & East Belfast are undoubtedly affected by the huge amount of air traffic in and out of the City Airport, there is no doubt that their quality of life suffers. These people have a right to be heard and any attempt by the Minister of the Environment not to consult with these people is unfair and unjust. The profits of a few cannot be more important than the quality of life of the people living in these areas.”

Resident groups campaigning against proposals to increase flights and extend the runway claim the Minister for the Environment is not putting the Draft Planning Agreement to full public consultation.

Green Party Assembly Member Brian Wilson said: “Thousands of residents across North Down and Belfast already endure the constant stream of noisy aircraft, it is unfair to force these people to endure more, they have at the very least, the right to be heard.”

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