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Greens call for action on streetlights

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The Green Party has called on the Roads Service to rectify further lighting faults in the South Belfast area that have occured over the weekend.

Problems with street lighting outside the QUB David Keir Building and on St Albans Gardens in Stranmillis were reported last week. The entirety of St Albans Gardens was without any street lighting for up to two weeks according to local residents. Although this has now been rectified, similar faults have now been reported in neighboring St Ives Gardens over last weekend, continuing up until St Patrick’s night.

South Belfast Green Party spokesperson Adam McGibbon said, “With lighting outages continuing, this situation is an accident waiting to happen. The lack of lighting on St Ives Gardens (and the last few weeks on St Albans Gardens) is making it difficult for pedestrians to be spotted by passing cars, and for residents returning home from nearby bars at night, the lack of lighting is a serious safety concern. I’m calling on the Roads Service to act quickly to fix this ongoing problem before someone is injured or perhaps worse.

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