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Bailey selected as South Belfast candidate

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Clare Bailey, Green Party Assembly candidate for Belfast South, pictured with party leader Steven Agnew.

The Green Party this week launches its Assembly election campaign in South Belfast with a promise of a new approach to politics in Northern Ireland.

Clare Bailey, the party’s nominated candidate for the Belfast South constituency, is assuring voters who have had enough of politics as usual that there is an alternative.

Clare Bailey said:

“I fully understand how so many have become disillusioned with our politics. Important issues like Northern Ireland’s infrastructure have been neglected while our politicians re-fight the battles of the past. This is not the same as believing that people are not interested.

“Luckily, there is now a chance to allow alternative thinking into our political decision making. A vote for the Green Party is a vote for a sustainable recovery from the economic crisis and for cleaning up politics.

“The Green Party put a Green New Deal on the agenda – even Sammy Wilson now agrees that this offers the best way forward for our economy, but greater ambition is needed if we are to wean Northern Ireland off imported, increasingly expensive fossil fuels and make the most of our own renewable energy resources, which are among the most promising in Europe, while reducing fuel poverty.”

Other key Green policies include a ban on corporate and anonymous donations to political parties, improved public transport, ensuring higher education remains affordable to all and defending essential public services, on which Northern Ireland depends more than other parts of the UK.

Green Party leader Steven Agnew has welcomed the nomination of Clare Bailey as candidate for South Belfast.

Steven Agnew said:

“Greens in the Northern Ireland Assembly have been working hard on issues of importance to South Belfast over the last four years. Brian Wilson MLA has been a strong supporter of residents affected by noise from Belfast City Airport and the party will continue to put pressure on the authorities to ensure the airport’s conditions of operation are enforced, not watered down.

“Brian has also been a tireless campaigner for improved public transport and higher education for all – both key issues for South Belfast, with its congested streets and the dependence of the local economy on the universities. I have every confidence in Clare to continue this work and be an excellent representative for the constituency in every respect.”

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