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South Belfast candidates support mothers in business

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(left to right) Clare Bailey, Digimums founders Mags Byrne & Paula Kelly, and Rebecca Volley

The Green Party’s MLA candidate for South Belfast Clare Bailey has congratulated Digimumsni, the digital lifestyle magazine and social directory for mothers, on the launch of their Mumpreneurs initiative to facilitate networking among mum entrepreneurs.

At the event, held in conjunction with Enterprise NI, Ms Bailey and Castlereagh South Council candidate Rebecca Volley voiced their support of mums looking to start or develop their own businesses in Northern Ireland, stating:

“Any attempts to build a business in this current climate should be congratulated, but the women here today are seeking to pursue their interests whilst managing busy family lives and juggling child care responsibilities. As mothers ourselves we appreciate the dedication this takes.”

“The Green Party works to achieve a fiscally balanced economy, we believe that any adjustments to tax and incentives should be used to support and enhance small and medium sized enterprises, as they are vital to the long-term viability of our economy. A culture of enterprise rather than a culture of dependency is what these women here today are looking to achieve, and is what we as a party champion.”

Ms Bailey confirmed that there needs to be more support to help small businesses survive and thrive, and highlighted the need for improvements in childcare and networking opportunities for working mums:

“The general consensus here today is that mothers in business need support from the Assembly, but also from each other, and events like this a great way of helping business women feel less isolated, especially if they work from home.”

Mrs Volley also added that many Mumpreneurs are inadvertently contributing to Northern Ireland’s attempts to tackle carbon emissions;

“Many mothers with young children in particular choose to work from home, and whether they realise it or not, they do so in relatively low carbon environments. They tend to do more business online and commute less, saving fuel and money in the process. It’s certainly a perk of the job for the environmentally conscious mother.”

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