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Candidates welcome bridge repairs

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Repairs have been completed at the Donegall Avenue/Fane Street footbridge.

Repairs to a vital pedestrian link between a South Belfast community and a primary school have been welcomed by local Green Party candidates.

The footbridge connecting Donegall Avenue with Fane Street had become hazardous due to the deterioration of the surface underfoot and unsightly due to graffiti, a problem recently highlighted by the Greens.

The bridge has now been resurfaced and painted. Residents have told Green Party members they are pleased repairs have been carried out, but remain eager to see a new bridge put in place that is more accessible to parents with pushchairs, people with disabilities and cyclists.

Clare Bailey, Green Party Assembly candidate for Belfast South, said: “Parents and children from the Village can now get to school in greater safety. The previous surface of the footbridge had become a trip hazard and was treacherous in frosty weather.

“We will continue to make the case for further work to replace steps with ramps so that everyone in the area can cross easily to the Lisburn Road.”

Mark Simpson, the party’s council candidate for Balmoral, added: “It would have been better had the closure of the bridge been delayed until the Easter holidays, but parents I have spoken to are pleased that some of their concerns have been addressed.

“In the medium term, the community still feels a new bridge is necessary. People in the Village need to access the Lisburn Road for education, healthcare, shopping, work and public transport – those with mobility problems currently find it extremely difficult to get across the railway.”

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