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Bringing people together over lunch




Ormeau Park was one of hundreds of venues across the UK to host a 'Big Lunch'.

South Belfast has taken part in a UK-wide event designed to build stronger communities through eating lunch together.

The Big Lunch, developed by the Eden Project, saw friends and neighbours nationwide come together in parks, streets, gardens and front rooms. Ormeau Park was one of a number of local venues to host gatherings, with supporters turning out to prove it takes more than a bit of rain to stop Belfast people  having a good time.


With the Big Lunch coinciding with World Environment Day, the South Belfast Green Party, which sponsored the Ormeau Park Big Lunch, challenged guests to come up with their most creative suggestions for green living, with the best receiving prizes.

Clare Bailey, Green Party representative for South Belfast, said: “The Big Lunch has been a great success. It is fantastic to see so many people come together for food and a bit of music and to share their ideas for looking after the environment we all depend upon. I hope we will see many more Big Lunches in years to come.”

Event organiser Rebecca Volley applies some facepaint.

Clare congratulated organiser Rebecca Volley and the many local businesses who contributed food and prizes for their contribution.

Grabbing the best spot for a picnic on a rainy day.

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2 thoughts on “Bringing people together over lunch

  1. Fantastic story and well done to Rebecca who put her heart and soul into making it a success.
    We would love you to share your imagery with us and we would use it purley for campaign promotion. Please could you contact me at to organise image collection.

    many thanks.

  2. well done on your Big Green Lunch

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