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Elections May 2014

Elections to the Northern Ireland Assembly and local councils in Northern Ireland take place on 22 May 2014. The Green Party is contesting fourteen council seats across Northern Ireland and five council seats in Belfast. If you would like to assist the party with its campaign, please contact or contact your local candidate directly on their individual pages.


Green Party Belfast City Council candidates

L-R Elli Kontorravdis, Connal Hughes, Steven Agnew MLA, Gregor Claus, Clare Bailey, Ross Brown (c) Anne Ramsey

Belfast City Council

Five Green Party candidates are contesting seats in the May 2014 election to Belfast City Council.

You can read a full list of our GPNI candidates here

 New boundaries

The reform of local governments has reduced the number of councils from 26 to 11. You can find your new council or electoral ward by inputting your postal code on this site


Council elections use the single transferable vote electoral system. Different amounts of candidates are elected in each council constituency depending on its size. Voters should number candidates on the ballot paper in order of preference.
If you agree that the Green Party offers the best policies and the best hope of a new approach to politics in Northern Ireland, please place the number ‘1‘ next to the Green candidate. Remember, a Green vote is never a wasted vote.
All our candidates have a realistic chance of being elected – if they are not, your vote can still influence the outcome by transferring to your second preference candidate and you have sent a clear message to the other parties that you are fed up with business as usual.

If you are not registered to vote, visit to find out how to get on the register. If you are not originally from Belfast, but live there for most of the year, please consider registering to vote at the address where you spend most time.