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If you want to help the Green Party establish a new approach to politics in Northern Ireland but can’t spare much cash, your time is just as valuable. If you can help design an leaflet, contribute content to a newsletter, spare a few hours to canvass with party activists, write a letter to your local newspaper in support of Green policies or simply bring an issue to our attention that you think deserves to be put on the agenda , please contact .

The Green Party does not accept corporate donations – we have no wealthy backers and as such rely solely on the donations of our members and supporters. We appreciate all our donors and supporters – thank you!

£30 – The cost of a room for a group meeting
£50 – Will pay for a candidate’s web site for a year
£200 – Cover the cost of 5000 leaflets or newsletters
£1000 – Will pay for 100 election posters

Please consider setting up a small standing order to directly support the South Belfast Greens. YOU CAN DOWNLOAD A STANDING ORDER FORM TO HAND INTO YOUR BANK HERE.

You can also make a one-time donation via Paypal – CLICK HERE TO DONATE SECURELY ONLINE


The Green Party is one of the fastest growing political movements in the world. Now with over 40 MEPs in the European Parliament and well-established Green Parties worldwide (many of whom have served, or are currently serving in government), there has never been a better time to join the Greens.

In Northern Ireland the Green Party’s is gaining momentum fast – in the 2009 European Elections, candidate Steven Agnew trebled the Green Party vote in Northern Ireland. In 2010, more voters in South Belfast gave their support to the Green Party than ever before. 2011 saw the party’s best ever results in a Belfast City Council election.

Join us now and get involved to elect more Greens and change the world for the better! The Green Party is the most democratic political party in Northern Ireland – every member has the opportunity to contribute to decisions about the running of the party and policy development. Membership costs £24 per year, £12 unwaged.