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Connal Hughes

Connal Hughes is the Green Party candidate for Lisnasharragh in Belfast City Council election.

I grew up on the Ormeau Road, going to two local schools and have been involved with Rosario Youth Club from an early age. I continue to live and work in the area with my family.
I studied at Queen’s University and completed a Masters in Leadership for Sustainable Development in 2008. After my studies I went travelling for two years which provided me with a fresh perspective on the local problems of our society and greater insight into some of the larger international problems.

Connal Hughes, Lisnasharragh

Connal Hughes, Green Party candidate for Lisnasharragh (c) Anne Ramsey

Since my return home I have devoted two years to volunteering with Friends of the Earth NI. I worked on a number of campaigns including a fight to end the secrecy for big financial supporters of our political parties. I’ve supported local communities defending themselves against inappropriate development and environmental injustices, and worked with the coalition demanding a Northern Ireland Climate Change Act.
I recently spent six months working in Brussels for Friends of the Earth Europe as a Communications Assistant helping to ensure the European institutions are representing the interests of citizens.

I want to represent Lisnasharragh because I want to tackle the huge inequalities in the city, to improve opportunities for those who are currently being left behind and because we deserve real politics that solve our real problems.
I am running for local council because I see the best in Belfast and want that creativity, humour and talent to be what we are known for around the world.

Say hello on Twitter @connal99 , Like me on Facebook or drop me an email (


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