South Belfast Green Party

Politics for the common good

Elli Kontorravdis

Green Party candidate for Balmoral DEA in Belfast City Council election.

I live, work, and volunteer in South Belfast, so feel in many ways involved and at home with the community here, which I believe makes me a strong candidate for Balmoral.

Elli Kontorravdis speaking at the Green Party Conference 2014  (c) Anne Ramsay

Elli Kontorravdis speaking at the Green Party Conference 2014
(c) Anne Ramsey

My background is in law, specialising in environmental law, which will be especially relevant to the planning powers about to be returned to local councils. If elected I aim to make sure the council uses these powers fairly and in the interest of the public, I will campaign for transparency and as much public participation as possible.

Our tradition of voting for the same parties and ending up with the same old divisive politics can change. I stand passionately for inclusivity, accessibility, and clean politics for the common good. I consider myself to be representative of politically underrepresented sections of our society; namely women and people under the age of 30.

I feel a valued member of the Green Party in Northern Ireland and believe that I can make a significant contribution to the well-being of the people of Belfast.

In my free time I volunteer as a legal researcher, do ballet, and bake all things delicious.

Feel free to contact me on or follow me on Twitter @EKontorravdis
You can also keep up to date with my campaign on Facebook

Articles by Elli

Why we should stand against Fracking (The Ulster Folk, March 2014)

Opinion piece on Fracking (The Gown, September 2013)

You can read some of my work on my academic page



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