South Belfast Green Party

Politics for the common good

Gregor Claus

Gregor Claus is the Green Party candidate for Titanic DEA in the Belfast City Council election.

Originally from Germany, I have been living, studying and now working in Belfast for nearly six years. I love the city and its people as well as the beautiful surrounding countryside.


Gregor Claus, Green Party candidate for Titanic

I am currently heavily involved with the Young Greens and hope to be able to represent the interests of young people and students. However, if elected as a Belfast City Councillor I will work for common good rather than practice the divisive politics of the past.

I have a degree in Politics and Philosophy, a Masters in EU Politics and am currently a part time PhD student, studying green concepts and communities. I have a keen interest in learning practical lessons for wider society regarding how to bring together both sustainability and improved quality of life for citizens. I am supporting my studies by working in a local call centre as a translator.

I am also both a passionate cyclist and someone who is dependent on public transport for longer journeys. I would like to see the new extended planning powers of councillors being put to good use in improving the public transport system and putting the interests of its users at the heart of their plans.

I am excited about this election and look forward to providing the people of Titanic with a real alternative to vote for on May 22nd 2014.

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