South Belfast Green Party

Politics for the common good

Cllr Martin Gregg

Councillor for Castlereagh East

Martin Gregg is the first Green Party member of Castlereagh Borough Council, on which he represents the Castlereagh East electoral area. He is a member of council committees responsible for planning, leisure, environmental and technical services, finance and IT and represents the council on the inter-agency bonfire working group for Castlereagh.

A communications engineer and father of three, Martin was born in Antrim and attended Antrim Grammar School. He subsequently graduated from the Open University with a first class honours BSc focused on technology and the environment. He currently runs the local monthly free publication BT16plus.

 Martin is a member of the Dundonald Green Belt Association, a group of local residents concerned with preserving the open green areas around the border of Dundonald.

 As one of the original objectors to the controversial Knock Golf Course development, one of Martin’s priorities is reform of the planning system to ensure the needs of local communities and the environment come first – not those of political parties’ corporate funders.

Martin can be contacted at


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