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South Belfast Greens attend the ICTU protest


The South Belfast Green Party were proud to attend and support the ICTU protest at Belfast city Hall on 31st January.

The protest was organised by the ICTU to ‘demand that action be taken to end political stalemate; to end all violence and to end inter-communal strife. We need to build a new political momentum in which our politicians work together in the best interests of all the people, addressing a series of vital issues which are crucial for the social and economic well being of Northern Ireland’

The South Belfast Green Party has long made the case for the Executive Parties to better represent the broader Northern Ireland Community instead of changing their views to suit the extremes of society, which was evident for the world to see with the failure of the Haass talks.

Are you fed up with the stalemate? Do you feel we are in danger of dooming another generation to the politics of sectarianism and division? Join us and help the South Belfast Green Party bring about clean politics, for the common good.